Day Tours

Day Tours

Cooking class with local Rajasthani family

This is A perfect experience for those with an interest in simple Indian cuisine . This is Hosted by one of the Rajasthani local family at her simple and traditional home, these are small group classes , where you learn to cook , and then eat what you've cooked.

Bathing with the Elephant

This is Great Experience in a lovely setting -- you will be greeted by the Elephants and then escorted to a small pond where you bathe their own elephants with the help of the camp staff and mahout, spend as much time with the elephant family, also they will be happy to your all answer that have about the elephants.

Ceremony in the Golden Temple

Palki Sahib Ceremony at the Golden Temple -- it is done every morning and evening, however visiting it at night when it is magically lit up and witness when the holy book (Guru Granth Sahib ) is taken back to the Temple by the devotes on the beautifully